Music for People in Trouble album cover

Susanne Sundfør will release ‘Music For People In Trouble: Live From The Barbican’ on 29 th November 2019, through Bella Union / Live Here Now. The album is available as a deluxe limited edition Super-heavy Cornflower Blue double Vinyl including B/W fold out collage poster and deluxe CD including B/W fold out collage booklet.

“The Music for People in Trouble show at the Barbican was the last of a short and sweet tour, where me and my team of musicians and crew performed the album behind a veil that covered the whole front of the stage. We put videos on the veil, making the stage both a 2D and 3D experience alternating between animation, photography and live video of the performance layered on top of the actual performance. The veil was like a fishnet up close so the audience could easily see the musicians if the screen was blank. I’ve been touring on and off for a decade, and I felt like it was time to try something different with the way I perform my music. I’ve always loved going to the movies, opera, ballet, it sucks you in, it’s a more intense experience because it combines so many different artistic expressions at once, and that’s what I wanted with the Music for People in Trouble show. Unfortunately we didn’t get any good footage of the performance, it lives on in people’s minds, and there’s something unmodern and romantic that I like about that. You can’t google it. You’ll find snippets on Instagram, but it doesn’t reflect the three dimensional space of the beautiful concert halls we played in. It’s our little secret, our little, intimate moment together, us and the audience. But we got a good quality recording of the music, and that’s something at least.” (Susanne Sundfør)